Lectures between Spring Break and the final

Lectures between the mid-term and Spring Break

First lecture

In the first class meeting we will go over important course information, the syllabus and play a card game. The following slides will be used on the first day of class:

Second lecture

Today we will explore the concept of Teachers as Builders of Community, the conceptual framework of BC's education department. This lecture will assist you in writing the final paper for this class as well as your application to the education department.

Third lecture

Today we begin to discuss the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Fourth lecture

Today's discussion focuses on discrimination and the history of treatment of individuals with disabilities in our culture.

Fifth and Sixth lecture

These slides will be used for two class periods and give us a more in depth understanding of IDEA, the 6 Principles, and the laws relationship to NCLB.

Seventh lecture

Eight lecture

Ninth lecture

Tenth lecture

Eleventh and Twelfth lecture

This set of slides will be used for two class periods.

Sixteenth lecture

Seventeenth lecture