Final Study Guide

The final will be in four sections:
A: mandatory 20 multiple choice questions. Topics will include everything covered since Exam 3
B: optional 40 multiple choice questions and three fill in the blank. Topics will include information asked in multiple choice questions from previous exams.
C: 10 short answer/essay questions covering topics from previous exams. It will be appropriate to answer these questions in bullet or outline form.
D: 1 essay. Should be answered in a well developed, articulate fashion.

Study session, Tuesday night, 7:30 to 8:00 Bishop Fink #224
If you plan to take the test in the academic center, I must have the filled out form on Tuesday, May 3rd.

Exam 3 student guide
*For students taking the exam in the learning center, the exam MUST be taken by the end of the day on Sunday, April 3rd.
30 multiple choice questions, two points each
6 short answer questions, 40 pts. total, all can be answer in a few sentences

The test will cover four chapters: 5, 6, 7, and 8

Know the definition and how we determine the presence for each disability category
Know the characteristics and prevalence for each category
Know teaching techniques for each category
Know the typical placement for students from each category

The discrepancy model
Language components (phonology, morphology, syntax...)
Types of service delivery organizations
Disorders from E/BD (anxiety disorders, mood disorders, Oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorders)
Types of behaviors associated with E/BD
Outcomes of IDEA
Principles of IDEA
Professional roles of related service providers